Notable Cases in Family Law

Ancillary Relief

  • Y v Y (2013) Contested final hearing on behalf of Husband where we successfully argued that the matrimonial home should be sold and the wife should downsize.
  • X v X (2009) Succesful contested hearing where argued to ringfence significant “pre-marital assets”.
  • X v X Appeared on behalf of intervenor on contested AR and established 50% interest in former matrimonial home.
  • C v O Contested final hearing in the High Court which included very serious allegations of conduct where represented party had falsely held themselves out as a member of the judiciary.

Schedule 1 Children Act

  • Z v Z (2014) Represented mother on a direct access basis at a contested final hearing in which we established that the father had access to undisclosed assets and obtained a school fees order.
  • X v X (2012) Successfully defended wholly exaggerated claim for financial provision.


  • X v X (2014) Represented father on direct access basis where mother sought to remove child to Canada. Following contested hearing mother conceded residence to father.

Child Abduction

  • Z v Z (2014) Represented Aunt on direct access basis after children were removed from school and taken overseas by parent. Children returned to Aunt.

Specific Issue Orders

  • X v X (2011) Succesful contested hearing as to the manner of education and school which a child should attend.
  • X v X (2012) Contested hearing on application to remove child from jurisdiction.


  • X vX (2010) Successfully obtained Special Guardianship Order in favour of Grandparents in protracted public law proceedings where the Local Authority had considered the parties were too old to care for the children.
  • X v X (2012) Successfully obtained Special Guardianship Order on behalf of Great-Grandmother in High Court Wardship proceedings where the Local Authority initially opposed it on the basis that the party was too old to care for the child.

Public law

  • X v X 
(2011) Instructed by parent where allegations of non-accidental injuries caused.
  • X v X 
(2007) Represented parent in contested VHCC lasting several weeks and involving numerous serious allegations and a large number of experts.
  • X v V (2012) Instructed by parent in contested VHCC where very serious allegations of neglect and harm. Large number of medical experts.

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