My Fees

I appreciate that legal costs can be an unexpected expense so I offer a fixed fee consultation service.

I can provide you with a 2 hour face to face conference in Chambers for a fixed fee of £350 plus VAT. If you are interested in this please contact my clerk Brett.

Wherever possible I will try to quote a fixed fee for the following services - advocacy, preparing advices, drafting court orders and opinions.

In some instances it is not possible to quote a fixed fee because the case is particularly complex or entails considerable research. In those circumstances I will charge an hourly rate.

My fees, on which VAT is chargeable, depend on the complexity of case, the level of preparation required and the length of the hearing, if advocacy is required.

My fees are payable in advance.

My clerks will be able to advise you as to my fixed fee and hourly rates. If you wish to instruct me under the Direct Access scheme please contact me.