Family Law

Family Law governs all disputes that may arise within the family.

Broadly they can be categorised as those that relate to children and those that relate to financial matters between couples. Below is a list of topics under each heading.

The first introduction to family law for many people will be if they are seeking a divorce, following which they need to resolve their financial affairs which is known as ancillary relief. Before entering into marriage people might consider entering into a pre-nuptial agreement.

Unmarried couples with children may also need to make provision for that child by making an application under Schedule 1 of the Children Act.

On separation unmarried couples might need advice on Cohabitation Law.

Alternatively there may be a dispute as to the upbringing of a child, such as who should have residence or contact. There may be a specific issue that needs to be determined. A father may be seeking Parental Responsibility of his child, or a Grandparent who seeks contact.

I am an experienced Family Law barrister with detailed knowledge of making and resisting such applications. If you wish to instruct me under the Direct Access scheme please contact me.