Are you looking for a Criminal Law Barrister?

Since 1st April 2013 changes to the legal system mean that you can now instruct a barrister directly even if you may be entitled to legal aid.

I am a respected and experienced criminal barrister registered under the Direct (Public) Access scheme.

I fully understand the impact of being investigated or charged with a criminal offence. Your reputation, employment and liberty may all be at stake.

I am able to advise on the strength of the case against you, the options that are available to you and what additional evidence could be obtained in your defence. I can guide you through the preliminary stages of the case and appear as your advocate through all hearings and to trial if necessary.

Here are just a few examples of cases I have undertaken in the past

Violent Offences
Sexual Offences
  • I have experience of representing clients accused of murder including youths and those suffering with mental health issues.

    Cases I have been involved in have given me a detailed knowledge of the various evidential matters that are likely to arise, such as:

    • Pathology/neuropathology
    • DNA and other identification methods
    • Forensics tests such as blood spatter
    • Cell site, telephone and CCTV analysis

  • I am proficient in representing clients accused of violent offences such as:

    • Grievous bodily harm
    • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
    • Assault and battery
    • Child cruelty

    I understand that these offences can arise in a wide variety of situations and the approach needed in each case is different.

    I have extensive experience in defending those accused of violence and possess the necessary skills to prepare and conduct their cases. I can advise what other evidence may be available to you and how best to present it to the Court.

  • I am an accomplished advocate for clients accused of sexual offences and related order including:

    • Rape
    • Sexual Assault
    • Sexual offences relating to children
    • Indecent images
    • Sexual Offences Prevention orders

    This is a sensitive area of the law and I fully appreciate the effect of being accused of an offence of this nature. I will represent you in a professional and discrete manner.

    As an experienced Family barrister (link to Family page) I am able to deal with young witnesses in a sympathetic but effective manner. I also have detailed knowledge of obtaining Third Party disclosure orders such as medical and social services records that may prove important in sexual offences.

  • I have an extensive background in representing clients accused of drug offences.

    These range from those charged with multi-million pound importations and conspiracies prosecuted by Serious Organised Crime Agency, to those accused of possessing small quantities of drugs for personal use.

    I have detailed knowledge of the investigative methods used by the authorities such as surveillance and covert monitoring.

    I appreciate that those accused of such offences will often have restrictions placed on their assets. I am able to advise on freezing and restraint orders and can represent you as part of confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

  • I have extensive know how in representing clients involved in fraud and financial crime such as:

    • Insider trading
    • Identity fraud
    • Money laundering
    • Burglary and theft
    • Handling stolen goods

    The most serious of these types of offences often involve a great deal of paper for analysis. I have been involved in many cases with tens of thousands of pages of evidence. I am skilled at studying the evidence to formulate simple but persuasive arguments.

    I also have detailed competence in telephone, cell site and computer interrogation which are often relevant in fraud and dishonesty offences.

  • I am accomplished in representing people accused of traffic offences, from the most serious such as death by dangerous driving to speeding or driver-identity offences.

    I understand that loss of your driving licence can have a considerable effect on your life. You will want to ensure that when accused of a traffic offence you have the best chance of keeping your licence.

    I have represented clients in all Courts accused of traffic offences often involving highly technical legal points. I am a dedicated and persuasive advocate when presenting my client’s case.

  • I have extensive skills advising on the prospects of an appeal against conviction and sentence.

    I have considerable trial experience and a sound knowledge of legal authorities so I am able quickly and effectively to ascertain what prospects an appeal would have.

    I am aware that those convicted of an offence may often place great weight in the prospects of appealing. However sometimes an appeal will not have merit and I will advise you of that at an early stage because I appreciate the anxiety that an additional delay will have on you and your family.

I am an experienced Family and Criminal Law barrister. If you wish to instruct me under the Direct Access scheme please contact me.