Criminal & Family Law Barrister in London

Rebecca Fairbairn

Barrister Rebecca Fairbairn

If you are searching for a barrister in london to give you friendly but professional advice and guidance .. look no further. I have had wide experience in the dual practice of family and criminal law since I was called to the Bar over 14 years ago.

Family Law

My record in Family cases covers the entire practice area from the Family Proceedings Court to the High Court and has included representing parties in situations of family breakdown, matters under the Children Act and dealing with international child abduction.

My work covers Family Law disputes and applications and disputes over residence, contact and parental responsibility orders. I will undertake all aspects of case preparation and management and will represent parties through all stages of family court proceedings.

Criminal Law

My experience in Criminal law covers both prosecution and defence work. Cases in which I have been instructed have included charges of murder, robbery, drugs importation and fraud. I am a Grade 3 prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service.

In court I have developed a persuasive style of advocacy, whether prosecuting or defending, and have demonstrated a sound knowledge of case law and procedure and received praise for my clear and concise submissions.

Direct Public Access

I can accept instructions from members of the public without involving a solicitor.

I can advise you on your legal rights, negotiate on your behalf and draft documents or represent you in Court.

By instructing me directly you only pay for one legal advisor and your costs will be lower.

Being involved in a court case or family dispute can be a demanding and stressful time for anyone not familiar with the law. I can discuss matters with sensitivity and without resorting to complex legal jargon and – when it comes to it - argue your case in a rigorous and professional manner.

In the news

5th January, 2015

The furore about whether Ched Evans should be allowed to resume his professional football career continues to rage.

Ched Evans was a Wales and Sheffield United striker when he was convicted of rape in April 2012 and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. He was released from prison in October last year having served one half of his sentence and has since sought to find a football club willing to sign him. Evans and his lifelong friend Clayton McDonald were accused of raping the nineteen-year old woman on 29th May 2011 at the Premier Inn hotel in Rhuddlan.

Mr. McDonald had taken the young woman who was very intoxicated back to the hotel and sent Evans a text in the early hours to say that he had “got a bird.” Evans went to the hotel with his brother and another friend. While Evans persuaded the night porter to give him a key to McDonald’s room the others remained outside. Evans discovered McDonald having sex with the young woman and then “got involved” while his brother and friend tried to video them through the window. Evans and McDonald left the woman who woke the next morning with no recollection of how she had got to the hotel.

Both McDonald and Evans maintained that sex with the young woman had been consensual. The jury acquitted Mr. McDonald but unanimously convicted Evans. Evans unsuccessfully appealed both his conviction and sentence.

Since his release Evans has maintained his innocence and remained unrepentant. His former club Sheffield United initially offered him the opportunity to train with them but retracted that after a public backlash. Since then Maltese side Hibernian indicated their willingness to sign him but the Ministry of Justice ruled this out on the basis that the strict notification and registration conditions on registered sex offenders effectively ruling out him working abroad.

It was anticipated that Oldham Athletic would sign Evans on Monday but following an online petition signed by more than 21,000 people opposing the move, the club now say they are in a very difficult situation. With even Ed Miliband weighing into the debate saying, “he hasn’t shown any remorse and I wouldn’t take him on”; it seems that the media interest in the story will continue.

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